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Jennifer Reid MSW RSW counsellor mental health therapist nelson bc

Hi there!

My name is Jennifer Reid

I started this counselling collective with the goal of providing accessible, ethical and trauma informed counselling services to our community. Mental health is a part of overall wellness, it's normal to need a supportive place to talk about it. Elspiri means "to exhale"; our hope is to give people space to breathe, reflect and feel heard. We are so glad you found us.  Reach out with any questions or book an intro call with one of our therapists, we hope to be a part of your healing journey! 

there is no better time for change than now

Wondering how we can help?


At Elspiri Counselling Collective, we believe in creating a safe, non-judgmental space where people can feel heard, seen, and validated. We understand that seeking support can be a difficult and vulnerable process, which is why we prioritize building respectful, open and trusting relationships starting with your initial contact with us. 

We offer individual, couples and family counselling to empower people to overcome challenges, gain new insights, shift unhelpful narratives and develop the tools they need to heal. These sessions can happen in person at our Nelson, BC office or through online or phone sessions for people throughout BC. 


For organizations and groups, we offer workshops and training to address a variety of mental health issues including communication skills, compassion fatigue, workplace mental health, Trauma Informed Practice, harm reduction, crisis management and other mental health related concerns that your team or clients may be facing. We are happy to tailor something to your needs and budget. 

Click on the services below to learn more about what we offer. If you still have questions don't hesitate to contact one of our therapists directly or send us an email

Individual counselling offered by Jennifer Reid RSW and Joanna Talecka in Nelson BC and online in BC therapy counselling
Couples and Family counselling therapy offered by Jennifer Reid MSW RSW counsellor Joanna Talecka
Group training and mental health education offered by Jennifer Reid MSW RSW
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Free Resources and Downloads

Jennifer Reid Elspiri Wellnes Facebook and Instagram

Join us from the comfort of your living room! We are developing our Instagram and Facebook pages and hope create spaces for open conversations about mental health and therapy. Feel free to like and follow for activity and posts starting in 2024


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